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Coac(hella expensive)

Coac(hella far away)

Coac(hella wish I could go)

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Making noise

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Twin Peaks in The Simpsons

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I’m working on a new short story. I wrote the ending but I don’t know how it starts.

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The War on Drugs // “Under the Pressure”

When you come here and I’m wasted.
Lying on a hill, dancin’ in the rain,
Hidin’ in the back, loosening my grip,
I’m just wading in the water.
Just trying not to crack under the pressure.

Played 19 times. via A&E: Anything and Everything.
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Do you still think love is a laserquest,
or do you take it all more seriously?
I’ve tried to ask you this in some daydreams that I’ve had,
but you’re always busy being make-believe
— Arctic Monkeys  Love is a Laserquest (via clippedfingernails)
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Jenny and Emily from Warpaint on stage with Foals @Coachella 2013 (x)

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Oh look, it’s David Bowie in a 1780s frock coat.


Oh look, it’s David Bowie in a 1780s frock coat.

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